About Us

About Us

I’m Kendall, the chick behind Central Park Farms.

It’s a goal of mine to help you — our wonderful customers — learn more about how your food is produced and who the farmers are that help you feed your family.

As the owner of Central Park Farms, I want our customers to feel confident the food we provide is ethically and humanely raised — after all, that’s the reason we started on this journey! We wanted to give our family, and now our community, the chance to feed their families high-quality meat at a price they could afford.

Now I’m definitely not a one woman show, there are many other peeps around the farm including my partner-in-poultry Jay and his two wonderful children.

So why the name Central Park Farms?

Campbell Valley

Although you might think we got our namesake from the big, bustling NYC landmark, that couldn’t be further from it.

Central Park Farms’ moniker comes from the fact that our 40 acre farm is nestled between the Campbell Valley Park and the Irene Pearce Trail in beautiful south Langley – We’re Central Park!

So next time you swing by the farm, be sure to wear your runners and hit the park directly across the street for a little trail-time before you grab your order.

What’s Central Park Farms all about?

We specialize in our non-GMO fed, free range chicken, but that’s certainly not it for us — We also sell farm-fresh eggs, pasture raised pork, and grass-fed beef.

We believe in making sure our animals are raised right. They’re given lots of room to roam, enhanced housing so they don’t get bored, and are fed quality feed with some special treats along the way.

Our sustainable farming practices:

  • Since our animals are pasture raised, they’re given the opportunity to forage and root around in the grass and dirt in turn improving the soil around the farm. Our animals are our composters.
  • We utilize natural sunlight in our barns. Unlike many commercial farms who want their chickens to eat constantly so they can grow faster, we allow our animals to sleep at night by having a lights out period. Not only does this reduce our power usage but it’s a much more humane practice.
  • We utilize a food waste program for our pigs helping reduce the amount of spoiled produce going into the landfill.
  • Unlike large scale farms we allow an extended air-out period between rounds of chickens allowing us to avoid strong chemical disinfectants.
  • We have our birds processed at a local federally and provincially inspected facility — Keeping it close to the farm means less transportation impact.
  • The produce we grow is done so naturally using non-GMO seeds.