Fraser Valley FarmWe’ve all been hearing the buzz recently that grass-fed beef is the healthy way to get your red meat fix. By what many large commercial operations fail to share is that grass-fed, doesn’t necessarily mean grass finished.

At Central Park Farms, we never send our cows to the feed lot and instead finish them right here on the ranch on a grass diet to give you truly grass-fed beef!

With the opening of Central Park Ranch in pristine Rock Creek, BC we’ve been able to give our herd vast ranch lands to graze on.

We handle all aspects of breeding and calving to insure the high-quality of our Black Angus beef.

The benefits of true grass-fed beef:

  • Higher in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Less overall fat — Including unhealthy fats
  • A far better ratio of omega-6 fatty acids than it’s grain-fed counter part
  • An increase in antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E
  • More Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
  • Production of grass-fed beef is better for the environment than grain-fed beef

Our next beef orders will be available in the winter of 2017 and spring of 2018.

Stay tuned for more information on pricing, cuts, and availability for the upcoming season — If you have any questions about our beef, we’d love to hear from you!