Live Animal Sales

Central Park Farms

When we first started out part of our struggle was finding reputable farmers to buy animals from. We weren’t large enough to buy the minimums from larger hatcheries and yet we didn’t want to have to buy from small backyard operations that may not follow the same bio-security measures we pride ourselves on.

Central Park FarmsBeing a non-medicated farm the health of the animals we welcome onto our farm is imperative — We cannot afford to have any diseases brought onto the property!

So it’s with this in mind that at various points in the year we offer live animal sales, including point-of-laying hens, quail, and cattle.

If you’re a farmer looking to add to your flock or herd, are looking for some egg layers for your backyard coop in the city, or are a property owner looking to start a hobby farm for a property tax break, get in touch with us to find out more information.