Pasture Raised — Our pigs have lots of room to dig


Fed a balanced diet of quality grain, organic granola, and apples

We utilize a food waste program helping reduce the amount of spoiled food going into the landfill


$4.50/lbs based on hanging weight – Payment plans available!

Includes butchering: cutting. and wrapping.

Our pigs are raised on a diet of apples, organic granola, and high quality feed to ensure they receive all the nutrients they need to be happy, healthy, hogs.

We sell our free range pigs halved or whole, post processing at a federally inspected facility. We raise them to around 200lbs live weight, which leads to approx. 150lbs hanging weight (75lbs/half).

The price of $4.50/lbs is based on hanging weight and includes, cutting and wrapping.

We also sell some cuts individually for those without the freezer space or those who want to try our pork before committing to ordering a side.

Unlike some other farms, we welcome you to come take a look at our pigs so you can see the wonderful environment they’re raised in.

If you’re looking for pigs for spit roast this summer, give us a call and we will raise a smaller pig to meet your needs and the size for your gathering. We have a spit for rent for $100/day and we’ll even mount and season your pig.