Free-Range — Secure indoor housing with pasture access


Like all chicken raised in Canada, our chicken is hormone-free

No antibiotics

Air-chilled during processing


$4.50/lbs for our whole birds ~ Range from 4-7lbs

$4.50/lbs?! Yes, you read that right! But, why so cheap?¬†Because, quality, whole foods shouldn’t break-the-bank.

Aside from our whole roaster chicken, we also offer cut packs.

Boneless, Skinless, Chicken Breasts $12/lbs
Drumsticks $5/lbs
Bone In, Skin On, Chicken Thighs $8.50/lbs
Wings $7/lbs
Drumettes $7/lbs


Poultry is the biggest seller here at Central Park Farms and for good reason: We’re competitively priced and we provide high-quality chicken.

If you’re in the Fraser Valley and are looking for delicious and humanely raised chicken to feed your family, contact us for more information!