When discussing Central Park Farms, Trevor Bird of Top Chef Canada, Fable Restaurant, and MeatMe had this to say, “I love working with such transparency. When you meet the farmers and know where the food is coming from, it gives you piece of mind to know that you’re supporting top quality honest meat and changing our industrial cycle. We can all make the change!”

It’s one thing for me to tell you our products are delicious. And, my mom would serve a dirty work boot for dinner if it supported me, so her opinion is more than a little bias. But, when the stamp of approval comes direct from you, our valued customers, it means something.

Hi Kendall, I just wanted to let you know that we had one of your chickens last night for dinner. My husband could tell the difference right away. He kept saying, this is what chicken is supposed to taste like. Thanks again and count on us for future orders! ~ Tanya S.

Cooked up one of your chickens for dinner tonight. OMG, sooo good! Two of my boys were not home for dinner tonight so they missed out, oh well, lol. That resulted in having enough leftover to make a few sandwiches for tomorrow and now I’m simmering the carcass for stock. Will definitely be buying more. ~ Vicki B

Roasted Chicken

Photo shared by Natalie S.

Yummy roasted chicken for dinner — Thanks Central Park Farms! ~ Natalie S.

We are loving our pork! Absolutely delicious – you can taste the quality. Kendall and Jay are genuine and warm and were an absolute pleasure to meet! We are spoiling ourselves with the bacon and sausage ~ Marie V.

Once you’ve tried our products we’d love to hear what you think!

Central Park Farms stands behind our products, so let us know when we exceed your expectations or if — for any reason — we missed the mark, so we can make it right.